Aluminium Curtain Wall Dubai

Improve the Aesthetics of Your Workplace with Aluminium Curtain Walls

Our curtain wall systems range from varied superior quality designs and each of them complies with the industry standards. We understand even the most detailed requirements of our clients before making our aluminium curtain wall frames and systems.

We construct the type of aluminium curtain wall frames that improve the aesthetics of your premise and make them feel very comfortable on the inside. From domestic and residential assignments to larger building projects, Al-Basira has a competent workforce to deliver on every single undertaking.

If your building needs a special solution and higher execution speed then you will surely get it from us. Whether the glass curtain elements require pre-assembling or building up element by element, we are well-equipped to handle any assignment.

Long-Lasting Aluminium Curtain Wall

Our supreme quality Aluminium curtain walls can withstand any weather, especially the extreme heat of the Dubai sun. The thermal insulation in these curtain walls does the trick and keeps those harsh rays outside the building. We also use special drainage methods to allow more airtightness and maintain the air-conditioning inside even during the extreme weather conditions.

Our team can construct aluminium curtain walls with seamless and coherent integration for various kinds of doors, sun screening systems, windows, offering a complete solution for your facade. In conclusion, we construct wall curtain systems in a robust manner and make use of heavier glass panels as well.

Our company supplies a vast range of ideal curtain wall frames that are fabricated from the best quality aluminium. Al-Basira has soundly placed itself as one of the most superior aluminium curtain wall frames traders based in the UAE.

We offer extruded curtain wall frames in a large variety of fabulous colours and designs. Simple installation, supreme quality, and longstanding sheen are just a few great aspects of our aluminium curtain wall frames. We deliver well-structured aluminium curtain wall frames at very competitive costs and within the estimated deadlines for maximum customer satisfaction.

Our aluminium curtain wall frames can very well handle all of your requirements. We execute the tasks at high speeds while maintaining the quality at the same time. Our aim is to deliver the finished products as promised to our clients.


At Al-Basira, we strive to give the best and optimal solutions to improve and beautify our clients’ establishments. Our people are very dedicated and skilled at what they do and this shows/is reflected in our finished work. The outcome is always on our mind as we provide perfection at unbelievable prices.




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