Aluminium Structural Glazing

Modern Technology & Professional Expertise Combined

The improved glass technology in our constructions protects the interior space from excess heat, regardless of the weather outside. Additionally, our team works hard to satisfy all the safety and aesthetical requirements of our customers with the help of up-to-date skills blended with an in-depth understanding of the best trends and the support of the perfect network of well-chosen suppliers. With all of these qualities, Al-Basira has gained plenty of experience to help you with all kinds of aluminium and glass based works for homes, offices, and many other purposes.

From large commercial buildings and offices to smaller buildings, homes, and stalls, our team specializes in designing, installing, replacing, and maintaining such constructions in any location throughout the UAE. Our aluminium structural glazing brings seamless glass sections that help produce a breathtaking appearance. In fact, the glass blends into the façade and behaves as an integral part of the building’s structure. This is because it consists of toughened glass in multiple layers. These layers are combined in various quantities to form single, double or triple glazed designs. As a result, these laminated glass structures are thicker and safer than ordinary glass, and they also have an increased capacity to manage wind and barrier forces.

Frameless and Beautifully Framed Aluminium Structural Glazing for the Best Look

We recommend aluminium structural glazing with glass if you want to increase light in your interior without compromising on safety or looks.

Structural glass is especially useful in large spaces where the windows are few or too far and insufficient because a fully glazed roof allows natural light to pass through and brighten up spaces that may also be restricted in other ways due to neighbouring properties.

Since these structures typically require some sort of support, we use low iron structural support beams that provide two advantages: robust support and coverage, as well as a horizontal element that does not affect the smooth, transparent look of the roof glazing.

This is combined with frameless detailing at the edges to further reduce the appearance of fixtures and brackets that are keeping the beam attached to the structural glass.

Al-Basira provides cutting edge aluminium structural glazing solutions that are perfect for creating a near seamless appearance within an area. Our glazed productions for interior spaces can also maintain transparency in spaces in order to preserve the interior landscape of a single room or the entire floor plan.

Our extensive collection of Aluminium Structural Glazing  solutions is capable of supporting the wide range of projects that we have worked on over the years.

No matter what requirements your designs call for – minimalist doors with a clear, transparent look or elegant folding structures that give the perfect steel appearance – we have the designs and engineering capabilities to match all of your needs. So, feel free to explore our gallery for some great examples of our workmanship and finished products or contact our team at any time that will always be available to answer your questions and talk about your requirements.

We can discuss the types of Aluminium Structural Glazing  you need (internal and external), whether they will be framed or frameless (whatever suits the design of your project), and guide you through the entire process as and when possible.


At Al-Basira, we strive to give the best and optimal solutions to improve and beautify our clients’ establishments. Our people are very dedicated and skilled at what they do and this shows/is reflected in our finished work. The outcome is always on our mind as we provide perfection at unbelievable prices.




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