Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets

Standard Aluminium Frames for Kitchen

Our customized aluminium frame glass cabinet doors are a modern addition to both commercial and residential interiors. Additionally, our aluminium frames offer boundless design possibilities when combined with other material such as 3form, glass, and other insert options.

From aluminium kitchen cabinet doors and office partition to aluminium glass folding doors and shower cabins; we make everything as per our client’s specifications.We’re a team of professionals that are known for providing impeccable, rapid and reliable services with no hidden charges. Our cutting-edge aluminium kitchen doors are a seamless option for both redesigning and new construction projects.

We have a great experienced team in Al Basira that is well-aware of the recent market trends. So, when you reach out to us with a requirement, we will recommend only the latest designs for you. After you’ve made the selection, our skilled team will make it a point to simplify the installation procurer and ensure 100% satisfaction. We’ve had the opportunity to serve varied clients in the past and fortunately, all of them are happy with what we’ve offered.

A Well-Built Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet that Reflects your Style

The heart of every home is the kitchen. It’s not simply a place for preparing means, it’s a place where families bond. You can easily transform you kitchen to an Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet by installing aluminium frame glass cabinet doors.

Al Basira’s unique collection comprises some great designs and styles that allow you to add a modern touch to your Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet*-. You’d be delighted to learn that the door inserts and aluminium frames for kitchen cabinet doors in our collection are absolutely exclusive.

The talented professionals in our team can help you accommodate an Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet, glass folding door or window into any property. As professionals serving clients for years, we ensure incredible flexibility and provide our clients with numerous options to choose from.

Our custom aluminium cabinet doors are a modern expansion to commercial and residential interiors. Regardless of whether they are kitchen cupboard doors, office furniture doors, or closets, we make aluminium doors as per the client’s details. Furthermore, we incorporate all functional and decorative equipment.

We offer a broad range of aluminium-based profiles and accessories for doors as well as display cabinets of your kitchen, and living room. Our aluminium-profile doors and display cabinets are a remarkable option for those looking to remodel. They amplify user-friendliness and are very easy to install.

Al Basira’s aluminium kitchen cabinets and door frames are available in an enormous variety of styles and finishes. So, whether you have a specific design in mind or want our assistance in making the right decision, you can rely on us to get the best possible assistance.


At Al-Basira, we strive to give the best and optimal solutions to improve and beautify our clients’ establishments. Our people are very dedicated and skilled at what they do and this shows/is reflected in our finished work. The outcome is always on our mind as we provide perfection at unbelievable prices.




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