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Superior Aluminium Partition Services in All of Dubai

Our premium grade quality of products and services are unmatched across Dubai, making our company one of the best when it comes to aluminium partitions here. At the essence of our services lies the dedication and commitment to remain genuine and to always maintain the highest standard of material and skills that benefit our clients. Al-Basira has a special team of designers, technicians, and workers, who focus on giving the most sound, safe, and robust finished products on a consistent basis.

Moreover, we provide the most cost efficient and adaptable solutions when it comes to aluminium partitions. Not only are our partition-installing services rapid and effective, but our partitions are also extremely resilient, long-lasting, and movable from one location to another on a short notice.

Bring a Refined and Roomy Appearance to Your Spaces

Whether you require aluminium partitions for your office, store, or another kind of project, we ensure that you get the most apt and well-designed products you desire. Our partitions are created with the help of durable head channels combined with the necessary glazing, door or window frame sections.

You can also have certain aspects added to the partitioning such as glazed windows, and also customize the glazing (single or double glazing) complete with blinds. You can also opt for aluminium doors and windows in the personalization of your choice.

In case you are considering aluminium partitions, there are plenty of reasons why they are a great option. One of the biggest advantages of these is that they effectively separate an open plan area into as many sections as desired – and the space still appears roomy and unblocked.

What’s more, this pattern of partitioning does a great job of segregating smaller areas in the space and actually increases the physical floor area instead, in contrast with different types of partitions. That’s because of the slim and sleekness of aluminium partitions that enables them to save as much space as possible.

Al Basira office wall framework in Dubai merges easiness with adaptability and makes the task of wall configuration simple. Our minimally seamed glass front arrangement offers rich frameless glass sliding doors and encircled aluminium or wood doors in Dubai. In addition, Al Basira’s wall Series contains the most complete and Flex Office Wall Series. Integrating office wall frameworks can convey the most scalable front and side wall solutions available today.

We offer superior aluminium partitioning systems that show minimal lines and appear seamless, which makes them perfect for commercial spaces and offices along with conference rooms and banquet halls. These are designed by our skilled experts for refined space segregation and noise reduction, providing a variety of categories and structure alternatives that can be accompanied by standard or structural panels.

Our range includes several kinds of aluminium systems that serve a variety of applications and requirements. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our product range and services to help you choose what’s ideal for your specific needs.


At Al-Basira, we strive to give the best and optimal solutions to improve and beautify our clients’ establishments. Our people are very dedicated and skilled at what they do and this shows/is reflected in our finished work. The outcome is always on our mind as we provide perfection at unbelievable prices.




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