Aluminium Glass Folding Doors

How We Make a Difference

While there are several manufacturers and service providers for Glass folding doors, only a few can be really trusted. Al Basira is one such name! To know why we’re the right choice, take a look at the following points.

Approved Manufacturers:Glass folding doors are our speciality. We are an approved team of experts offering excellent aluminium partition, ACP cladding, structural glazing, and kitchen cabinets.

Competitive Pricing: You can trust Al Basira to get the best price. Unlike other service providers, we do not charge any hidden fees. Just reach out to us with a requirement and we will offer you a reasonable price with the most amazing protection.

Quality Services: We have built a name for ourselves through our professional services. From the moment you get in touch with us to the purchasing, planning, and installation procedure, we will ensure you receive a reliable service!

Locally-Owned: Al Basira is a locally-owned independent aluminium and glass company with years of experience. We have an outstanding track record of quality service and satisfied customers throughout the UAE.

Upgrade Your Home with Aluminium Glass Folding Doors

A splendid method to consolidate natural light into your home is by installing aluminium glass folding doors. For low-light and small spaces, the addition of these glass doors brings in brightness and greatly improves the ambience. Also, if you decide to have Aluminium Glass Folding Doors with thin frames, you can diminish the amount of the shadow cast by the frames.

A major reason why these glass doors are a fabulous addition to any home or workplace is the stylish and chic vibe it offers. Introducing aluminium glass folding doors is a brilliant way to modernize old properties. It also enhances the contemporary appearance of new homes. So, you should definitely think about adding them.

Additionally, our glass doors come with a long warranty thanks to the high-grade aluminium material used by our experts. You can rest assured because all our offerings are durable, brilliantly strong, and aesthetically pleasing.

Glass folding doors and window systems by Al Basira are an exceptional alternative to traditional sliders, french doors, and pass-thru windows in commercial, residential, and hospitality applications. A trait that sets aluminium apart is the retro look and finishing it offers. Moreover, it gives you an elegant and sophisticated look at a fraction of a cost.

Using high-quality components and ensuring precise engineering, our glass and aluminium company offers a wide range of Aluminium Glass Folding Doors perfect for your kitchen and balconies. Whether you wish to renovate your place and give it a contemporary touch or want a simple and sophisticated space; you can find a style that suits your needs perfectly.

Available in a range of configurations, styles, and sizes, Aluminium Glass Folding Doors and windows can be entirely customized as per your specifications. Contact us to consult our experts and attain more information.


At Al-Basira, we strive to give the best and optimal solutions to improve and beautify our clients’ establishments. Our people are very dedicated and skilled at what they do and this shows/is reflected in our finished work. The outcome is always on our mind as we provide perfection at unbelievable prices.




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