We can Need a change from your old bathroom, to give it a fresh look? If that’s the case, then one of the best ways of doing so would be installing a new glass cabin for your shower. It will give your bathroom a wonderful, elegant appearance without the hassle of restructuring the entire space.

A glass shower cabin is excellent for separating the showering space inside the bathroom. It comes in a vast variety of designs that are equally pleasing and impressive in appearance. For this reason, they have gained i

Glass Shower Cabin: Five Main Advantages

A glass cabin, in this case, does a great job of partitioning the space and confining vision from the exterior. Given below are the five most important benefits you will get by installing a glass shower enclosure or cabin in your bathroom:

1. Make Smaller Bathrooms Appear Spacious

Those who have a smaller bathroom can take advantage of a glass shower enclosure to make it look larger. Not only will your bathroom seem substantially more spacious than it really is, but you will also get a closed-off, private partition out of it! Additionally, a glass shower cabin can enable greater airflow in comparison with completely closed-off metal frame stalls or the usual curtains.

2. Glass Shower Cabins are Safer

Glass shower enclosures are safer than shower curtains because those can come right off if pulled too hard. Shower curtains are also leaky at times which can cause you to slip and fall, proving hazardous for children and older people in your home. A glass shower cabin, therefore, decreases the chances of bathroom-related accidents to a large extent because water spillage will mostly be inside the cabin, leading to less clean up needed after someone takes a shower.

3. They Require Lesser Maintenance

This is a great advantage of choosing a glass shower enclosure or cabin instead of another material. Glass cabins and glass rooms uae are highly durable and low-maintenance. You will easily avoid mold or mildew since they are convenient to clean and germ buildup in such enclosure is rare.

For additional protection and germ prevention, it is advised to cover the glass with a protective coating while it is being installed to reduce stains caused by water and soap scum.

4. They Increase the Value of Your House

If you are thinking of putting up your house for sale, then this is a surefire way to increase its value – replace the old, worn-out bathroom enclosure with an incredible glass shower cabin by Al Basira! Not planning on moving out any time soon? Then, it would be great to replace your old bathroom with a glass cabin to uplift the place.

5. Glass Shower Cabins are Easily Customizable

Another advantage of having a glass shower cabin is that it can be modified as per your requirements. At Al Basira, an extensive variety of customizable glass shower doors, cabins, and partitions designs are offered to our clients. You can browse through our collection and go with the one that suits your bathroom design and other specifications perfectly.


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